Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MissMandine Swavorski Jewlery

You know when there is a girl who is so beautiful and perfect (and in this case, French) who you want to hate but she is just so damned nice that it's impossible. Amandine is that type of girl. I haven't seen her in years, but I met her during a theatre production at the University of Kentucky where she was reading a copy of Vogue in the Green Room and I was sitting there wondering how she got her hair to lay like that.

In addition to teaching French to Americans who can't speak it very well, Amandine makes GORGEOUS Swavorski crystal jewelry. She made me a gorgeous pink and white ring, which I still wear to this day and I am planning to order a matching necklace from her website MissMandine where she peddles her wares. Obviously the items are in good condition because I *still* wear my ring six years later. And for Swavorski, they are reasonably priced.

Here are some photos of her work! She is AMAZING! Check it out for yourself!!

This is the one I am going to buy soon!

I hope you enjoy! Also, see if you can get her to tell me the secret of her perfectly coiffed hair. Enjoy!

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