Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day

Yesterday was Independence Day. It's a holiday where we celebrate our freedom by having a mock war with big explosions. From the 2nd of July on at twilight, I could sit outside and listen to the sounds of the rockets with their red glare. If I took my age out of the equation and squinted really hard, I could pretend I was in Sarajevo circa 1993.

It was a few weeks ago that my best friend, Kristie, had mentioned that a band that I actually knew and liked would be making a FREE visit to Louisville's waterfront park. Kristie is that friend who loves good music, probably knows the name of that song you are humming, collects vinyl and can be found at the local concert hall. She is judging you for what you are listening to and makes no apologies for it.

So Kristie, myself and Matt made our way down to the water front among the funnel cakes and beer tents. We made it a few minutes into the set and boy did they rock it. Fitz and the Tantrums are the kind of band that will be huge in a year or so and then everyone will complain about how they became too mainstream. They have a Motown meets Bowie kind of sound and a sassy tambourine songstress. They were amazing live.

Afterwards, Kristie and I had an opportunity to meet the band. They were so down to earth and rock-starry at the same time. The sassy tambourine songstress complimented my hat and I in turn chatted to her about her modcloth dress. We both LOVE modcloth. (If you haven't checked modcloth out, I recommend it highly) They signed Kristie's vinyl copy of their album. We took a picture, which I will post once I find the cord for my camera in the abyss of my bedroom.

In the mean time catch the coolest child you will ever see dancing his diaper off to Fitz and the Tantrums rockin' cover of "Sweet Dreams"

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