Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I have the distinction of being one of those unfortunate late 20 somethings who have to wear a uniform to work. It wouldn't be bad for just one job. But no. It's 2 jobs. I have decided to acquire numerous jobs this summer because I have the benefit of still having summers off from school. If you had told me at 22 I would still be working jobs with name tags and uniform polos, I probably would have cried.

It's not that I am ashamed of working in the lower echelon. But there is something depressing about having a closet full of potential...and instead donning scrubs or a baby blue polo with black pants.

I might feel differently if I was given a cuter uniform. Maybe a Flight Attendant circa 1960. Pillbox Hat and Gloves anyone?

There is something so limiting and depressing about unisex uniforms. There's nothing unisexy about it. So I focus on make up and hair...or some days I don't...because who am I trying to impress? The members of the museum?

My second job uniform (I work as a hearing screener on the Mother-Baby Unit of a local hospital) is relatively simple. I wear UK Blue Scrubs. I get called "nurse" at least five times a day, to which I usually respond "Nope. Try a salary about 40,000 dollars lower."

So, optimistically, I will be able to one day have a job where I don't have to beg for an xsmall unisex shirt. And I can wear something other than my Black Mary Jane shape-ups (which have not shaped my tail up at all...)

I have a feeling that all my salary will go towards wardrobing at that point.

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  1. I hear ya. I hate uniforms and I hate that we are educated and yet still can't find decent jobs. WTF? I obviously should have taken a different path in college, or maybe not gone at all and gone to friggin beauty school or something.